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Blutrausch, Feb 26, 12 4:20 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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Our clan is a brotherhood. It's not a means to grind and collect hero items while trampling anyone else in the process. We’re here to support each other so that by the end of a crappy day we can relax in front of our pc knowing that we're among people who care about us. If this isn't your vision then this clan isn’t for you. Here are a few rules to make life in our clan easier for your clannies and yourself!

1st Always have your clannies' back. No rudeness or derogation of other clannies on global or anywhere else will be tolerated. If you have a problem with a particular member, discuss the issue with the leader or vice.

2nd Help out your lower levelled clannies when you can, and when you need to form a party for a run please check if anyone else in the clan needs the run as well.

3rd Respect the people in charge of the clan and the other members at all times.

4th Don’t use inappropriate language or have an inappropriate attitude in clan chat, especially since we have a lot of underage clannies.

5th Our clan believes in justice and fairness. False accusations or actions that harm the rest of the members are dealt with severely.

6th Please avoid getting into conflicts with other clans, and report any problems if these should arise.

7th New members will have a week's probation before being approved for full membership.

8th Inactive members will be banned after two inactive weeks. Therefore, if you cannot be online for some time or plan to take an extended game free holiday, inform the leader or vice in advance (not halfway through the holiday, after you’ve already been banned).

In spite of all the above rules, make sure to remember that this is a relax and have fun! :p
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